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Kavik Kang

Come to the Dark Side of Armageddon

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I am looking for a programmer who is interested in making an indie game called Space Hockey. The design document can be downloaded from my blog on GameDev.Net. There are also over 600 pages of material relating too my 14-game Pirate Dawn Universe on this blog.

For now I am only looking for a programmer who is capable of making Space Hockey, and together we can assemble the rest of the team from there. I am looking for someone who is at least near 30 years old and has finished at least one game before. I don't want to distract younger people from establishing themselves in a career with the lure of making games, and I want someone who has made at least one game before so that they understand going into it how much work that entails even for a simple game like Space Hockey.

I am not looking to just make something to post on an indie site somewhere, the goal here is to eventually have Space Hockey for sale on Steam. As can be seen in the design document, once that has been achieved there is a lot of expansion of this that could take place resulting in half-a-dozen or so DLC expansions. This would begin as a hobby/indie project but will, hopefully, someday become a commercial game company. Assuming that Space Hockey and its DLC expansions were successful, the goal would be to transition into a commercial game company and begin work on the 14 games of my Pirate Dawn Universe. The PDU might begin with Territories, a cold war gone hot grand strategy war game that works in a new way that is unlike any computer game that has ever existed before. It might, instead, begin with Pirate Dawn, the game from which Space Hockey was derived, with Territories coming later as a prequel to the PDU story.

The Pirate Dawn Universe is a sci-fi universe focused on space ship games. I am almost 50 years old and have been designing games and simulations for longer than the computer game industry has existed. Lost Art Studios games are based on the 300 years of game design that came before computer games. They are not, for the most part, based on past computer games. This is only one of the things that makes these games completely unlike any computer games that have ever existed before. As a former member of the SFB Staff, there is no competition out there for Lost Art Studios when it comes to making space ship games for the computer. If LAS can get off the ground, competing within this genre in the modern game industry would be like hunting rabbits with a 120mm cannon.

Just for purposes of full disclosure, I am something of a pariah in the computer game industry... I am a professional game and simulation designer. Their “game designer as rock star”, as they put it, a phrase that was most likely inspired by me many years ago. So if you aren't interested in joining the Dark Side, Lost Art Studios isn't the place for you. There is an actual professional simulation designer here, and that is something that the computer game industry simply does not tolerate. We will probably not be liked by the modern game industry. “Game designer as rock star” says it all, really, that's what they think of real simulation designers. Their little catchphrase for “Don't let them in!”.

Come to the Dark Side...


Kavik “Pappy” Kang

Lost Art Studios – “I wish that I could live it all again!”


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