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Programmers Looking For Designers (Unity) (Level, UI, Sound) [Hobby] [Contract]

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TL;DR - We are bringing our programming skills to the table. We are seeking help with the 3D level creation and possibly, UI and sound design. We will provide the necessary resources.

Our team is seeking a 3D Level Designer who can create levels for a small project we are working on. We will provide you the tools and materials necessary to construct levels. More information can be discussed via PM as to what design (mechanically) we have in mind, references, etc.

In addition to level design, we may need help with other aspects of the project that aren't so important at the moment. This includes GUI design (menu, pause, health, ammo, etc.). Again we will provide the tools necessary. 

We also may need someone with sound design skills who can take our current sounds and apply them to the game effectively. 

For now, we plan to test in cube demo scenes so we can start working, but we'd like to get someone on board asap who is interested in creating levels.

In terms of payment, we can offer a contract deal in which we can split revenues planned from crowdsourcing campaigns.

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Hey guys,

My name is Hannah and I noticed your ad for some sound editing/programming for your game. I have experience writing/creating/programming sounds for games in a couple of games engines (Unity and Unreal) and will be able to make these for you in the next few days/weeks depending on the work load, meaning that is one job off your list.

Here is a link to Jailbreak Islands, a game in which I created all the sounds and all the music for, demonstrating the types of sounds I believe would suit your game so you can hear my work https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.gamrek.jbisland&hl=en_GB

Let me know what you think!

All the best,


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