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    • By merijndk

      I'm working on a small concept for a game and have a question about a concept I want to try out.
      So its top down (2.5D pokemon perspective I think they call it), I want the user to be able to walk with W,A,S,D and aim to the cursor. With a 100% top down perspective this would be easy and  I could simply rotate the sprite to the mouse location. But with 2.5 it's a little harder since the sprite has a body that has different from each side.
      Another problem is the movement of the legs. When a player moves down he could either be walking backwards (when the mouse is above him), sideways when the mouse is to the left or right of the player. or forward when the mouse is below him.
      I added a simple gif down below that demonstrates the concept (without the leg movement) because that's gonna take some work
      Now my question. are there any games out there with the same mechanics. I know there are a lot 3D games that do this (battlerite for instance) but I cant find any 2d game. And do you guys see this work?

    • By Dafu
      FES Retro Game Framework is now available on the Unity Asset Store for your kind consideration!
      FES was born when I set out to start a retro pixel game project. I was looking around for an engine to try next. I tried a number of things, from GameMaker, to Fantasy Consoles, to MonoGame and Godot and then ended up back at Unity. Unity is just unbeatable in it's cross-platform support, and ease of deployment, but it sure as heck gets in the way of proper retro pixel games!
      So I poured over the Unity pipeline and found the lowest levels I could tie into and bring up a new retro game engine inside of Unity, but with a completely different source-code-only, classic game-loop retro blitting and bleeping API. Months of polishing and tweaking later I ended up with FES.
      Some FES features:
      Pixel perfect rendering RGB and Indexed color mode, with palette swapping support Primitive shape rendering, lines, rectangles, ellipses, pixels Multi-layered tilemaps with TMX file support Offscreen rendering Text rendering, with text alignment, overflow settings, and custom pixel font support Clipping Custom Shaders Sound and Music APIs Simplified Input handling Wide pixel support (think Atari 2600) Post processing and transition effects, such as scanlines, screen wipes, screen shake, fade, pixelate and more Deploy to all Unity supported platforms I've put in lots of hours into a very detail documentation, you can flip through it here to get an better glimpse at the features and general overview: http://www.pixeltrollgames.com/fes/docs/index.html
      FES is carefully designed and well optimized (see live stress test demo below). Internally it uses batching, it chunks tilemaps, is careful about memory allocations, and tries to be smart about any heavy operations.
      Please have a quick look at the screenshots and live demos below and let me know what you think! I'd love to hear some opinions, feedback and questions!
      I hope I've tickled your retro feels!

      More images at: https://imgur.com/a/LFMAc
      Live demo feature reel: https://pixeltrollgames.itch.io/fes
      Live blitting stress test: https://pixeltrollgames.itch.io/fes-stress
      Unity Asset Store: https://www.assetstore.unity3d.com/#!/content/102064
      View full story
    • By Arrol Samantha
      Hello, my name is Arrol Howze.
      I'm a trained animator and one half of the "Weird Castle" team. My sister and I are creating a Pixel/3D underwater platformer for mobile. Pics or it didn't happen right?
      We are pretty much finished with a playable demo of the "Basic Pond". My sister is coding this one, while I still learning (when I'll find the time, I'll decide on a small project). I'd say we just need to adjust the colors, she's working on the saving mechanism, and re-adjusting the assets for "player flow."
      Anyway we want to launch a Kickstarter to recoup some of our costs on the demo. When we release the demo, post it around and use that exposure to get some angel investment. We're going for the "activism game" market with ocean conservation, and want to work with various aquatic charities, etc. 
      But none of this is possible without an Internet following. I've been told hooking up with a community would be smart for various reasons, chief among them advice. SO WHAT SHOULD WE DO?
      1. Slowly try to grow our fan base on concept alone for the next 2 months (deadline), before a playable demo?
      2. Launch a Kickstarter for the demo NOW and shop the campaign around?
      3. Some other option I haven't considered?
      Weird Castle is also open for gigs: castleweird@gmail.com
      So if you like what you see, and want to PAY for some help hit us up with an email. We do 2D, 3D, Cinema Effects, Animation, Coding, Graphic Design, Pixel Art, Vector Art and more, between us. Don't be shy.

    • By Felis Nigripes
      I'm doing a test quest.
      The player gets a quest from an NPC to bring him fish.

      Once the player picks up the fish, the original NPC gets replaced by a new one with a new conversation trigger. The NPC tells the Player "Well done" and should give 200xp.

      The script tells the xp counter to go up by making a reference to the gameobject that holds the text component
      But it throws this error:

      I'm aware that the error may hide in plain sight. I just have to sort this out, since I'm writing the AI at the same time, and the time it takes to resolve everyone of these errors is tremendous.
      Plus, I think I'll learn something. I've been having trouble with some basic functionalities recently. There might be something wrong with my understanding on how programming works.
      Glad if someone could help (:
      Edit: I'm fully aware that the update function requires an input. I call the function in the editor when the dialogue ends, it still doesn't work.
    • By PikBombdev
      Hello !
      I'm pretty new to game dev and i'm showing my first "real" game, at least, the alpha version
      I will very grateful if you can test my game !
      Press A to Attack
      Press D to Dash (you became invulnerable while dashing)
      Move on Arrows (left, right)
      To jump, up Arrow
      To enter on "doors", press E
      If you want to keep receiving all the updates, please like my studio page on facebook too!

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