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what should i do in order to be a concept artist?

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Just draw a lot in general. Learn watercolour. Learn oils. Learn charcoal. Go to a life drawing class regularly. Carry a sketchbook and practice perspective, anatomy, poses. etc...

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a. Do your research: Find out what studios list as requirements when they list openings for concept artists. Look for where concept artists hang out and show their work (hint: Artstation is much better than gamedev.net for such a purpose.) Find stories of how concept artists broke in to the industry and figure out how it can apply to you.

b. Directed practice: Figure out where your weak areas are and work hard to squash them. Recognize your mistakes so that you don't repeat them, learn how to separate your ego from your work when taking constructive critique, but don't trivialize your talent either.

c. Be lucky: Being proactive isn't always enough to land you that dream job, unfortunately. Competition is fierce and being in the right place at the right time can make all the difference on whether you ever get to make a living making concept art - whether it is full time or as a freelancer.

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The two things you need to do to be a concept artist is A) be an artist, and B) be able to draw concepts based on information given. In this case, you'll be hired to draw someone elses vision, which isn't always easy depending on the media you're drawing for.

You need to know your style, draw it, and then show it to others, that way they can gauge whether you can fit a "similar" style so that they can get the details they want from the concept you'll draw.

You also need to put yourself out there so you can get hired, go to sites like ConceptArt.org, you can post yourself there and see if anyone bites.

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