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Getting into the industry - seeking advice

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Hey guys, we're new on the forum. We're a recording studio on Long Island. We're trying to get into doing music and sound for games. If anyone has any tips on how to get some work doing sound design, or original music for games we'd greatly appreciate some advice on the industry. 

We made this one this week, let us know what you think!




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I think to get some work for games, you should upload samples of what you can do and make sure to show it to game devs so it's a good idea to post here.

Make tracks that would fit the types of games that you want to work on so that if a dev that makes this type of game finds your music, he will know that you are capable of doing the music he is looking for.

As for the track, I like it. If I was to make an action game, this is something I would definitely want to have in action intensive scenes.

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There's some nice variety in the music demo but what remains to be seen is how well you can work with interactive media. Writing music for games is quite different than other, more linear, forms of media. Also, you mention sound design but have zero examples of your sound design in the reel. I'd update your reel with examples or leave sound design off the list. 

Best of luck! 

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