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[CLOSED]Looking for an artist with an idea.

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As a programmer and a game maker enthusiast, I often read posts about one person that has been working on a game (alone) for the last "x" years and that finally published the game. I have been trying to come up with a game idea but I end up going in circles, going back to the drawing board every time. Maybe its because I got too motivated in the aspect of solo gamedev, maybe that's not for me. 

What I´m looking for?

I would love to find another a person with art skills that also has a game idea. It would be awesome if this person could handle the artistic part of the game, that way we can keep the team small.

What do I offer? 

I will be in charge of the technical aspects of the game. I have experience with existing engines like Unity or UE4 and also in general software development and graphics programming.

You can get in contact with me through PM or email: nachocpol@gmail.com


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