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Ask feedback about my idea in 2d gun game?

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I making a platform gun game

I planned to use these guns

1 ray gun
2 Rocker launcher
3 Sleeping dot
4 Projectile cannon
5 Ordinary gun time different in bullet(delay)
6 Ordinary gun time different In bullet (quick)
7 Bounce gun(bullet can bounce on floor) 
8 Bow
9 Bubble gun
10 Ice gun
Isn't these guns are really awesome? will the player feel fun to play with this gun?

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These names do nothing to express the mechanics of each gun, or say anything about the attributes that actually make them awesome.

With this question - what kind of feedback are you expecting / looking for? It would be more useful to ask a specific question, outlining more details on what it is you have, and need feedback on.

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