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What is a chromatic surface?

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49 minutes ago, sjhalayka said:

Does anyone know what a chromatic surface is?

Yes, almost all artist that finished there material stage should know.

First a chromatic surface is a surface that has the same properties as Chromium. This is that they refract light without separating the specular light.

What that means is unlike gold that tints all reflections, some reflections keep there original color. So chromatic surfaces keeps a lot of white light from the sun and lights, resulting in a brighter contrast than with normal metals.

So a surface with lots of contrast. A chromatic effect filter will remove bright spots created by chromatic surfaces or colors that is in high contrast with other colors.

59 minutes ago, sjhalayka said:

I found a question on answers.opencv.org related to chromatic

That original paper talks about chromatic hue. The most common chromatic hue is often the inverted color.


This image shows a good chromatic hue. See on the right is the chromatic effect of the colors.The last scale is the one with the least chromatic effect and is the most natural for none metal materials.

To simplify it you can say chromatic means contrast.(Maybe it's a Latin name for contrast, who knows?)

This is all part of color theory.

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