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I'll make Music for your Games, for Free!

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Hello all,


I'm Goat___Boy, I love making noises.


More precisely I love making background\soundtrack music for games\movies.

I want to make a game just for composing it's soundtrack but alas I always end up with a full OST and little actual gameplay to show for it (mostly incomplete RPG Maker and Unity projects.)

I realized I'm not made to be a solo developer so I'm looking for a project to compose music to.

As long as you promise me it will be a finished project and it will see the light of day I'll gladly make it for free and PLEASE don't ask me to make generic orchestra tunes.


I'm mostly inspired by the likes of Trent Reznor and Nine Inch Nails (Quake is one of my all time favorite OSTs) so I mostly dive in the Dark/Psychedelic but I'll gladly make other genres as I try to be a broad as possible. I'm a multi instrumentalist so don't worry, if you need Guitars, Bass or other ''real'' instruments in your songs I got you covered! I also make have experience in sprite work and digital design if you need extra help with your art assets.

Here are some of my tracks:




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Very nice stuff, I started working on a 2d multiplayer rpg almost an year ago. Last month I found a second member that is responsable for sprites and animations.

I'm also searching for a sound guy of course, if you're interested, drop me an email at peo93@hotmail.it I'll show you the game and what my ideas about it are.


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