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I need some help in english translate

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New to the forum, since it's so short I'll help you out right here.

From your store page, with corrections and some minor edits:



DungeonGOGO is a challenging precision platformer in which you escape from light prison and rescue your friends from secret chambers.

You must find all the secret rooms and set all your friends free.

  • Minimalistic graphics
  • Highly challenging gameplay
  • 40 levels and 20 secrets to find
  • Controller support

This game is hardcore try to not break your Controller :)

When you see this symbol:

look around, there is a secret nearby...


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On 12/14/2017 at 2:13 AM, Davidsof said:

Hi i dont now if it's the right place to ask things like this but i need some help in english to write "About the game" Correct , so if anybody can help please the game right now on steam and i get people tell  me about my broke english all the time :)



DungeonGOGO is a challenging precision platform where you escape from the "light prison?" and help rescue your friends from their secret chambers where they are held

In the game you must find all the secret rooms in order to unlock all your friends.

The game is hard.  Try to not break your Controller :)
Nice and minimalistic graphics.

Hardcore gameplay.

40 Levels to open and 20 secrets to find.

"Controller support in the game??".

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