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DX11 DirectX Intel HD and NVIDIA different behavior Geometry Shader

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I try to draw lines with different thicknesses using the geometry shader approach from here:


It seems to work great on my development machine (some Intel HD). However, if I try it on my target (Nvidia NVS 300, yes it's old) I get different results. See the attached images. There

seem to be gaps in my sine signal that the NVS 300 device creates, the intel does what I want and expect in the other picture.

It's a shame, because I just can't figure out why. I expect it to be the same. I get no Error in the debug output, with enabled native debugging. I disabled culling with CullMode.None. Could it be some z-fighting? I have little clue about it but I tested to play around with the RasterizerStateDescription and DepthBias properties with no success, no change at all. Maybe I miss something there?

I develop the application with SharpDX btw.

Any clues or help is very welcome :)




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The GPU being that old, I would suspect you are running into either (a) A driver bug or (b) Some Geometry Shader resource limit for earlier implementations.

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I updated to the latest nvidia driver and still the same though. Resources I don't know. Maybe yes... I don't know how to check that though.

I couldn't figure it out till now. I found another more stable algorithm that is even simpler and produces variable line width without gaps on both devices. Although it is not so clever and uses more primitives in sum. The curves look even better actually. It is also a geometry shader that I tweaked a bit.

I suspected it maybe to be some kind of imprecision in the case here, but I am not sure why and at what point exactly.

If anyone else has a clue I might give it a try though to compare the performances with this new one I use.

Thank you though :-)

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