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C# Any decent/comprehensive WPF tutorials?

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I'm writing a GUI based GPU tool and I'm using C# and WPF since it will make my life easier bringing this app to the Win10 store.  IMHO, it's surprisingly hard to find a good series of tutorials that teach you more than how to add some buttons to a window, input text, etc.  My app won't use that much, and what I really need is to create a GUI similar to that of the task manager.  What I mean are tabs to switch between graphs and tables, etc.  Also, I can't find any code on how to add a graph (histogram) to my app, and so on.  I've googled quite a bit and found out that some tutorials are behind a friggin pay wall?!  Ugh.

Not to complain, just hoping to find something so I can get this thing working acceptably before Wednesday.



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First Google result for "WPF tabs."

Perhaps you should be more specific here. What exactly are you stuck on? What isn't clear? What is your question about how to implement tabs?

As for graphs, I think the same rule applies. This post almost reads like "please give me a working implementation that requires no code of me." It may, for better or worse, turn out to take some work to do what you want.

But without specific questions, that's all speculation.


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