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Jara Fee de Nooijer

ideas for horror games where you can unfold secrets in a way that is challenging ?

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hello, i am making a game called "unwritten", the story we have so far already includes having 8 different outcomes, but i have recently watched someone playing the game "doki doki literature club", i searched more about it and watched a video with theories about it. i thought it was a pretty good idea so i was wondering if you guys had any tips for implementing something like that in my own game story because i am clueless. just an idea to help me going would be a lot of help, it doesn't have to be all spelled out. my game is an RPG and not a visual novel, but i really would like to take inspiration from this idea.

this is what i have for my story (summary):
The universe started with only one god: the space writer (Astrea) and the dragon of space and time rules over everything. Watching the world from far she dislikes the decisions the humans have made. Her whole idea was changed by her own creations. Astrea used to watch this one boy Weiss (time writer) having the same ideas and hopes for this world as her, she thought. He wanted to change it, though he couldn't since he didn’t have the power to do so. So Astrea gave him the powers of time. Together they hoped to make the world a better place. They started to grow a really close bond, until the time writer came up with this really bad idea to take free will from Astrea’s creations and control them. He never discussed this with Astrea, knowing she would disagree. In an attempt to stop the time writer’s plans, Astrea created (the boys), but all of their attempts failed, because the boys were too different from each other and didn’t want to work together. After a long time dwelling in the book for too long their memories scattered around the place (because memories are like energy). Unable to prevent the time writer from destroying her creations, she thought of one way to do it: she used all of her powers to create 8 girls and set up a path for them. But because she used up all of her power, she became exactly 8 different kinds of cloaks (the cloaked figures, not male or female). She used that to her advantage by guiding the girls to their destination. The boys just became "a distant past" for the space writer, still dwelling in the world while Astrea gave up on them. Even though Astrea forgot about them - considered them a failure - they still existed and decided to help the girls after figuring out what was going on. Their life seemed like a "vague memory" since they couldn't remember anything about what happened before they got into the book, because they were created as Astrea's soldiers. The cloaked figures guide the girls to escape the maze the time writer set up from them, by giving them 4 choices (doors). They need to find each other through this maze, because together they have the power to defeat him according to the cloaks. The first task the cloaked figure gives each girl is overcoming their fears.





Door 1 - Harmony

Door 2 - The Battle between Space & Time

Door 3 - Aspire to Find

Door 4 - The Endless War

The 8 girls start off alone, on a quest to find information because they don’t understand this new world, how they ended up here and what their task is.

Eventually they encounter each other and realise that together they are stronger to defeat evil.

When they have found each other, they get to chose together what the future will be.

Both doors will lead to harmony, because in order for space and time to be balanced they both need to exist or not exist.

All girls pick a side, 4 will be space and 4 will be time: GIRL1, 2, 5, 6 - ASTREA

GIRL3, 4, 7, 8 - WEISS

They battle for their “side”.

Depending on which second door they pick, Astrea/Weiss will win and the girls connected to the one who lost disappear.

This story is only focused on the character picked and their twin.

The girls go on a quest to find their twin and convince them about their side (space/time)

After they picked a second door, it decides which side is convinced.
When Space is convinced, Time dies. When time is convinced, Space dies.
Either way, the remaining girl manages to defeat both gods.
One for avenging their twin, and one to restore balance, because they notice that both sides have to be defeated (remembering twin’s words).


You play through the game with the character you chose and you won’t have any members in your party.
You need to defeat all the other girls in order to finish the game.


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