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AngelScript 2.32.0 is out

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A new version is out. The most significant changes in this version are:

  • The string factory has changed to an interface. This is done so that the application can create the string constants at compile time rather than at runtime. This also reduces memory consumption as the script engine doesn't have to keep a copy of the string constants.
  • Improved support for registering types that rely on composition. Now registered class methods and properties can directly refer to member components without the need for wrappers.
  • Introduction of the 'external' keyword to explicitly tell the compiler that a script entity is external and must have been compiled and shared by an existing module.
  • Compiler can now determine the type of initialization lists based on the use, so when there is no ambiguity it is no longer necessary to explicitly inform the type.

Of course this release includes a long list of other smaller changes too. Please refer to the change list for the details.


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