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Alpha Blend Front and Back Colors Setup for SM 2.0

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I can't seem to find the specification for SM 2.0 anymore. Could anyone tell me what is the constant name for Alpha Blending Front and Back Colors?

technique FireTechnique
   pass P0
    vertexShader = compile vs_2_0 FireVertexShader();
           pixelShader  = compile ps_2_0 FirePixelShader();
    AlphaBlendEnable = true;
    SrcBlend     = InvSrcAlpha;
    DestBlend    = SrcAlpha;


Original SM 4.0 technique:

	technique10 FireTechnique
    pass pass0
        SetBlendState(AlphaBlendingOn, float4(0.0f, 0.0f, 0.0f, 0.0f), 0xFFFFFFFF);
        SetVertexShader(CompileShader(vs_4_0, FireVertexShader()));
        SetPixelShader(CompileShader(ps_4_0, FirePixelShader()));


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