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What are your first experiences with Steam Direct?

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Hey, i am on the way of developing a game i am willing to publish (if it turns out good ofc).

Since i have never published before i have a question to you guys. Best would be if you have published on Steam Direct.

How much sales / revenue can i expect in the first month with a $0.50 title? Don’t get me wrong. I am not doing it for the money but i have to get the $100 publishing fee back in a reasonable amount of time.

I have absolutely no clue. I don’t know if there will we no sales in the first month, or ten, or even twenty?  I am asking for your experiences preferably with Steam Direct

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What do you value more?
A. Having alot of people playing your game, and giving you feedback?


B. Possibly (not likely) "making" $100 for something that probably took you months to make? (There are quicker ways to make 100$)


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Hi in my case i make 100$ from very very simple game with price of 1$ in 3 month ~~75$ in ~~first week and ~~25$ in next ~~3 month and then it's stop's ,so i did not see you game so I can not compare to mine or judge what it can make but this is my exp and you can make 100$ back from very very simple game like my you can check



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On 19/12/2017 at 9:30 AM, SSOC said:

How much sales / revenue can i expect in the first month with a $0.50 title?

We don't know.

Is your game good?  Fun to play?  Does it look good?  Does it look fun?  How are you marketing it?

Just being on Steam doesn't necessarily guarantee you any sales, it depends on your game and what you do to sell it.

You will likely get at least a few sales just for being there, but there's really no guarantee.

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