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Multiple devices for each control

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I have a rather general question.

I have several controls that I need to draw scenes to. So far I set up my object structure so that each control has it's own renderer and objects, like own device, swapchain, thus context, shader etc...

Now I wonder if I could optimize my setup and objects to reuse, for example, the shaders to only be compiled once (which for example takes a lot of time), because all the instances of the windows need the same shaders. So I faced the issue that I cannot have the shader objects static and reuse with another instance since that instance has it's own Device and there is a policy that says that the objects needs to be created from the same Device or whatever, which makes sense to me.

I ask though, If my approach is wrong in the first place and I should rebuild my structure a bit to have only one device, and so I can reuse the objects and don't have to do work twice or can save memory. Or is it valid? I am new to Windows programming and GPU programming, so I apologize.

If I use a single static device I run into strang behavior in my code, because the context state maybe gets corrupted. I am not sure though, because I thought only the GUI Thread will work them, but maybe I can't say that it always works on the same control and finishes before it handles the next. So it would corrupted and mix states, which would maybe explain the issues I face now.

Would the solution be some kind of referred contexts? And schedule them to draw when the state is finished?

I don't want to optimize my runtime performance, this seems to be very well, even with the multi device approach, but maybe I can optimize the memory and setup time.

I have a hard time finding any good advice online, so thanks for any suggestions or hints :-)

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Which API are you using to render on the GPU? It sounds like you're using Direct3D, but the various versions have different behavior when it comes to device states and multithreading. Either way you almost certainly don't want to use multiple devices, especially if you're sharing the same content among your various windows.

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I use Direct3D11 via SharpDX.

I don't use the same content, just logic among my windows. This way all windows have their own context, so it gets not corrupted. I want to improve that structure though, because I feel like it's wrong a bit.

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