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Critique the MIDI realism of this track

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First thing - your composition is really nice! I enjoyed it!

Now to what you talked about: the performance is a bit too perfect. I would go through and add some some slight variances in pitch as well as timing. Even pros don't play perfectly in tune or in time all of the time. I would look through for ways that the entire ensemble can become more humanistic in their performance. 

Perhaps they speed up slightly as they crescendo up to a climatic point? Perhaps a few notes are slightly out of tune? Perhaps the higher range notes are a bit more brash. All of these things are realities of even professional players. For example, the harp/string/winds ostinatos are played very evenly and this makes it feel way too polished for real players. 

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      In Spain the development of video games is very stopped and that's why I decided to register in this forum on the recommendation of Anya kickstarter. She told me that there is good vibes here and that you help a lot.

      I am writing to give me your opinion (sincere) about the game I am developing.

      I have the entire dossier here as she recommended me.

      It's not spam, I just want you to give me your opinion as developers

      Thank you very much <3

      P.S. Excuse my English
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