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    • By bvincent
      Hello everyone,
      I am doing a survey to understand better what are the pain points in terms of music composition in video games, what are the game studios / developers expectations in the future and how the industry could be improve: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1NycMla5fhQd1fMbLy3c28alxCbhIYvkD6Fv9lqhxEJ0
      It is not a promotion of any kind, I am just interested in getting feedbacks from game developers, studios and gamers (and composers as well). 
      The answers are completely confidential and no personal information will be published, or used for any other purpose.
      Thanks for your time and help  
    • By nsmadsen
      Hey everyone,
      Here's some of the music I composed and produced for SGI's recent slot theme Monopoly Colossal Boardwalk, a slot game included in the newly released Monopoly Slots app! You can play this game and many great SGI slot games here: https://www.facebook.com/monopolyslots/ All content is owned exclusively by SGI and is showcased with permission. Feedback is always welcome and I hope you enjoy it!
    • By WigNut
      Hi GameDev,
      I'm a composer and gamer, and would to find the right project to work on. Here is a link to my latest orchestral reel (although do work in other genres as well):
      If you're interested please feel free to pm/email and we'll go from there!
    • By Gezu
      I'm creating 3D environment for our side-scroller platformer game Warriorb. I use Blender for creating props and UE4 as game engine. My aim is to create different looking and feeling area types while keeping the same art style. I go for something between stylized and realistic. I don't use much detail because I don't have much time for each area. I've attached some examples. If you have any tip on how to improve my scenes I would be glad to hear it!



    • By Light Yagami
      Hello everybody,
      This is my first time doing anything like this and I need some advice. As part of my school assignment, I need to create an educational video game about mutation. Here is my idea - there are three levels, each level has two arcade type games and the number of points earned in each game is the level of mutation you can cause to your character. Ultimately in each level, the mutations you cause to your character in the game will result in how ready they will be for the boss battle at the end of each level. The first two levels will have an interactive text battle and level three will have animation. I need help creating this game and feedback to make it easier because of the time constraint. I will keep updating on how the game is but this is my first time with Unity so I would appreciate any sort of feedback. 
      My game design document is attached if any of you want further details on the game. 
      Game Design Development Template.docx
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Critique the MIDI realism of this track

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First thing - your composition is really nice! I enjoyed it!

Now to what you talked about: the performance is a bit too perfect. I would go through and add some some slight variances in pitch as well as timing. Even pros don't play perfectly in tune or in time all of the time. I would look through for ways that the entire ensemble can become more humanistic in their performance. 

Perhaps they speed up slightly as they crescendo up to a climatic point? Perhaps a few notes are slightly out of tune? Perhaps the higher range notes are a bit more brash. All of these things are realities of even professional players. For example, the harp/string/winds ostinatos are played very evenly and this makes it feel way too polished for real players. 

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