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Multi-player level creation

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Hi all,

I have been working on a project that enables multi-player level creation (ie. multiple level designers work together in real-time). Right now we have it working for Unity. 

Here is a video of it in action: 



This isn't a new idea, and has been tried before. The idea is that you get lots of benefits from working this way:

1) No more scene merging/conflicts.

2) People can see and react to each other's work immediately, they can iterate on things instantly.

3) Much easier for the lead designer to be active in the work, supervise, and provide feedback - camera following is actually being used as a supervision tool.

4) It's actually much more fun to work this way, so people are more motivated and work faster.



So here is a question: Has anyone worked with a system like this in the past? What did you think of it?

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There was an engine that was attempting to do this, however it flopped, not so sure about funding and such. It is great in theory, but it comes with its own problems as well. If you can get it to work and be fluid it would be the most ideal for level designers. I would love to see where you take this, however I would also like to see possible support for UE4, then again I know UE4 is much more restrictive (currently) on plugins and how much access they have.

In any case, very cool to see.

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You are thinking about MaxPlay. I have quite a bit of background knowledge on them. They wanted to take on Unity and Epic, which was not a small task, and the funding did dry up for various reasons.

We are looking at UE4 support right now. I estimate that it could take up to a year for us to get it to where it currently is with Unity (ie. we support all built-in components as well as custom components - properties all sync, and it works in tandem with source control for code/asset changes). However, we can at least get the basics in place in a matter of 6-10 weeks. Our biggest problem is just getting interest from developers. I would love to have 20 studios in the beta to help us focus on the pieces we need to focus on.

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If you can get it working for UE4 I would be more than happy to use my team to help ya out. Send me a PM and ill give you more details or answer any questions you might have for me. Also, I knew enough about "Maxplay" but didnt want to go into it here :P

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