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Visual Identifiers of a Character's Role

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When a new character walk on to the set of a movie or comic book, its often easy to tell their role by visuals alone.  

Hero = Confident stance, chin up, but not too high.  Determined expression.

Intelligent = glasses, sciency devices, cleanly dressed, but not with much style.

Con-Artist/spy = trench coat, hat to hide face, eyes looking left/right a lot.

Happiness/Anger/Elation don't matter.  Those are emotions any character role can go through (villain or hero)

I'm looking for a list of visual generalizations I can use for a piece of code I'm writing that assembles an avatar based on a plot point in the story.  I can just start with a few, but if I keep adding them throughout development, I may want to start changing keyword uses along the way, which could negate the content already written.  

If you could offer more characteristics like this, that would be helpful, or if you know of a reference to somewhere things like this are already well-outlined, that would also be helpful.  


 - Thanks.

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