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Unity Fabricate Games looking for team members for Twin Prophecies RPG (Unity)

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Fabricate Games is looking for several team members for Twin Prophecies RPG



Fabricate Games is producing our first game, a fantasy RPG. We are currently in the middle of development and are aiming to have our game submitted to Steam next year. We are dividing the game into two chapters in order to more easily manage our time and focus on getting a quality product delivered. At the beginning of the project, the graphics should be developed in a realistic style similar to the Elder Scrolls or Dark Souls. Due to a lack of artists it was decided to continue with a more stylized style, but this decision depends on available artists. There is already a working story that the player will follow but will be able to explore the world around them.
All of us have jobs outside of the game and understand that that comes first, so we only expect about 10 hours of work each week.

Who we are

  1. Matt — Story Writer/ Team Manager/ Marketing
  2. Sam — Story Writer / Voice-overs
  3. Ashley — 3D Modeler / Animation / Voice-overs
  4. Mabenan — Programmer / Unity Generalist
  5. Wolfgang — Unity Generalist / Programmer / Level Design
  6. Josh — Programmer / Unity Generalist
  7. Daniel — Music & Sound
  8. Gia —  3D Character Modeler / 3D Artist



Who we are looking for..

  • Must be 18 or older and an active Skype or Discord user.
  • 1-2 Level Designer / Environmental Artists with at least 3 months Unity experience.  Plan on fairly large areas 1-2 km in size.
  • 2 3D Modeler / Artist. While we would love to have a modeler to do as much as he or she can, we primarily need a modeler who is interested in working with our main characters & monsters. Will work closely with both writers to ensure a cohesive vision of the models come into the game.  
  • (1) C# Programmer / Unity Generalist with 6 months Unity experience. Specific tasks would include setting up quests, Leveling System, AI, and UI. More general work would include functions such as level triggers or miscellaneous asset integration.
  • 1 Web (Forum) Developer / Web Presentation
  • 1 Special Effects Designer / Shader Developer

The Plan

Due to our desire to be a smaller team (max 10 team members) we will be employing Unity assets. Most assets will be code orientated. However, if the style of the asset fits the aesthetics of the game, we will also use art assets.

This will be a profit share project.

Public GDD Link


Example of assets planned in design:

  • Third Person Controller
  • RPG Character Pack
  • UniStorm / Tenkoku
  • Inventory Pro
  • Gaia Terrain Creation + CTS
  • Ultimate Fantasy Creator


Some example combat scenes:



Contact info:

Please include a portfolio if you have one otherwise let us know what you been working on.

Email - huginmuninstudios@gmail.com
Me on Skype: zer0f0rce

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