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Unreal Unreal 4 - Heroes and Legend

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Title: Heroes & Legends

Type: RPG & MMO

Style: Similar to AD&D

Project Description:

Heroes & Legends is an AD&D style game but with very advanced game mechanics. First, there is the procedural world generator. Using Unreal Map streaming it is possible to generate a full plane via latitude and longitude coordinates. Also, will be implementing a full character creator and editor. Like AD&D there will be classes, but battle will be very realistic using materials, strength of weaponry, body mechanics and so on. This is a long term project which will be wired to move in to W.a.W. (World At War) series after completion which will utilize Natural Earth GIS Topography and begin implementing a full military simulation like Jane's combat simulations.


Create textures, music, sounds, materials, blueprints, menus, models, system

Implement databases

Implement procedural planet generation

Implement city generator and creator

Implement ship engineer and editor

Implement character, clothing creator and editor

Implement monster creator and editor

Implement country, politics, and faction creator and editor

Implement world population NPC generator and manager

Implement date, time, day and night systems creator and editor

Implement wind, weather, region, temperatures, barometric and elevation assignment and editor

Implement campaign creator and editor

Implement game mechanics, physics, systems, timing

Implement temperature, exposure, barometric, elevation, oxygen system

Implement fluid system, temperature, flammability, chemistry system

Implement game play and menus (1st and 3rd person)

Implement a default campaign

Implement server version (Server is Already Available at Reasonable Price)

Implement in game pay system


End Requirement Goals (Modernize Computers):

60GB - 120GB Hard Drive Space

16GB Minimum Memory, 32GB RAM

Modernized Graphics Card , Direct3D, OpenGL

3.0ghz Processor or Better

Internet Connection

Optional: VR Technology


Development Requirements:

Portable to W.a.W. and integrating with GRASS GIS and porting SHP 10M, or SRTM 30M


End Result:

I need contributors that would like to start a team and be productive. I have over 20 years programming experience and I have studied 3D computer programming for all 20+ years. Now I feel I am ready to really begin. This will be a commercial project by the end, but it is contributor based and there will be a percentage determination of contribution and distribution of earned income and all contributors will make up the team and company.

Required People:

Music and Sound creators

Modelers, Artists 2D and 3D

Unreal, C++, developers with Experience or Knowledge in Development


Knowledge Requirement:

You will need to be willing to learn about GRASS GIS, Natural Earth and SRTM for future expansion in to full fletch military simulations

You will need to be willing to learn about early 1500 to 1860 ship design, sails, cannons, calibers, materials, 

You will need a good understanding of physics, I have 1 discipline in physics, 1 in chemistry, 1 in math, 1 in QM and 1 degree in Computer Science

You will need knowledge of Open Office, and YeD

You will need and Understanding of GitHub and Repositories



I will be providing access to downloadable books on computer technology to any contributor, paid for

I will be providing access to learning and education resources for Unreal, agreed upon, to any contributor paid for


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