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Project Ironfist seeks programmers and a 3D artist

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Project Ironfist is recruiting programmers! Project Ironfist is a mod for the classic game Heroes of Might and Magic II. We have an active fan community, and are busy creating the new Cyborg faction, which the fans have been waiting for since 2001. We have a lot of great content in the works, and are looking to fill a couple roles.

Programmer: We are looking for someone to help implement new features and extend our map editor. As a programmer, you'd be reporting to me. My name is James Koppel, and I am a computer science researcher at MIT, and the executive producer and technical director for Project Ironfist. Our creative director and designer is Roy Shapira, who was lead designer on Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3. Besides the two leaders, the team includes 3 programmers, a pixel artist, a sound designer, a composer, and a level designer. Two of the programmers and the composer were recruited off this very forum. :) The game is written in rather plain C++. As a game mod, we have some pretty serious tech so that we can mod the game almost as easily as if we had the original source code. If you're interested in learning about reverse-engineering or assembly, we have that too (but it's strictly optional).

3D Artist: Most of the game is 2D, but we're looking for someone to help with a small amount of 3D art. We need help creating the new Cyborg town screen, in a similar style to this: https://images-2.gog.com/26f0bc89ce921a5e4310daf53ac782b1d56312b4e3ca4aba74dd29466019eddb_product_card_screenshot_600.jpg

Sounds like a good place for you?


Shoot me a PM

or E-mail homm2ironfist@gmail.com

or indicate your interest at http://join.ironfi.st .

Want to know more about Project Ironfist? Check out our website, www.ironfi.st

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