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Unreal 4 - Heroes and Legend (Artists)

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Title:  Heroes & Legends

Style: MMO & RPG

Required Knowledge:

Blender, Make Human, Krita, Gimp, PixPlant


Content Creation


I am breaking this down in to a piece by piece team building effort. I need artists. I am a software engineer by profession. I have spent a few years working on modeling, character design, item design.  Currently I am working on a Human with detailed rigging. There are format rules, and you must understand unreal units. 1 unit = 1 centimeter. The start out of the human is 5'6. The character rig is very detailed and will be assembled in Unreal according to specific format guidelines so you must be capable of disseminating the format for skeletal structures I am producing so when this is on Unreal Store we can continue to expand and implement content.

I need texture artists, concept artists. 

Here are some benefits I will be providing.  Access to pluralsight.com. I will be providing access to unlimited current books. I will be providing the basic sounds, basic server, and GitHub repositories.

If you have imagination and want to contribute to something astounding for the modern day PC, then please, contact me and lets start this.

In the long term, on completion of the project, the company will be moving to a focus on military combat simulations similar to Janes years back.  So you must be willing to stick with the team in the long term once we move our creations, like world generation, GIS, character creation to strategic combat simulators. This is just a stepping stone.

This will be featuring music scores from Versus, and Ivan Torrent paid for up front and sounds from Audio Block.

If your interested in what Versus Produces for music, go here:


To give you guys a feel for where I am at in the character development process and the flow, please view the images attached.  This game is for the more modern PC, Windows and Linux. The detail of the skeleton is going to reflect capabilities for really extreme motion graphics.  The level of detail and character modeling, I am hoping will exceed most current fantasy games.  Please look at the right of the image where I have expanded to skeletal structure so you can view the layout of skeletons in their parent relationship and how I am using a format description.  if you think you can do this, then please, reply and send me a PM.

A little warning, if you can't handle adult themes similar to The Witcher, then this is probably not for you. There is going to be alcohol, drugs, sex, in this game. So be prepared for high definition work.



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Included Blender Images

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