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Where can I introduce my self?

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Where can I introduce my self? I want to say a little bit about my self before I start posting here.

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Since you put it that way....

Hi everyone! My name is Nana Marfo. I am a 16-year-old student, with a passion all things game development. I am currently studying Computer Science, Sociology and Graphics at A-Level.


I have a lot of Ideas for games that I want to make. I want to take players on an adventure, where they enjoy the gameplay and relate to characters that are badass. Whether it be a platformer or a hack and slash, I want the player to enjoy an adventure.


I want to be able to learn more about 3D modelling and VFX. However, I am profenchant in coding, rigging and rendering. If you want to see this, read my blog/see my portfolio(I review anime and Kamen Rider sometimes to keep it interesting):https://nanamarfo.weebly.com/


This winter, I completed my first game jam, and therefore released my first game, Duel in the Desert: https://nana-marfo.itch.io/dual-in-the-desert

I appreciate all the feedback I get! I am looking for game devs to have as mentors, so I would like to keep an eye out for events. Preferably in London, UK.

Finally(I know this is a lot, but, bear with me), follow my twitter for my live work progress, and to be notified when a new blog comes out:https://twitter.com/marfo343

Sorry for all the links. Any other questions ask me!

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35 minutes ago, NanaMarfo said:

... read my blog ... follow my twitter ...

Okay, this is now an Announcement, not just a self-intro. Moving to Your Announcements.

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