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GameDev.net launches Developer Profiles and Projects

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GameDev.net has launched our new GameDev Projects showcase where professional, indie, and hobbyist game developers can showcase projects, make announcements and interact with the community, and manage it all through integration with the rest of GameDev.net.

Use the new Developer profile feature to share your projects, interact with the developer community, and be inspired. Any project can be shared - games, game mods, assets, and tools, and developers can keep their followers updated through their project's GameDev.net blog or image gallery.

Access Projects through the Browse -> Projects menu or directly at https://www.gamedev.net/projects. New Projects can also be created through the Create New Content menu (the pencil icon), and you can access your Project Dashboard through your profile menu.

Features include:

  • Browse, download, and comment on projects from other Developers
  • Provide updates to your project by linking your GameDev.net Blog
  • Create your own Developer profile, including with a GameDev.net subdomain!
  • Showcase your Project with screenshots from your project's linked GameDev.net Album
  • Manage your projects through your Developer Dashboard
  • Market your project's website, Facebook, Twitter, Steam, Patreon, Kickstarter, and GameDev.Market pages
  • Track project views and downloads through Google Analytics
  • Upload and manage file downloads for your Project, allowing others to try it out and give feedback
  • Link to your project with an embeddable widget (link auto-embeds on GameDev.net)
  • Showcase your project with a trailer on YouTube or Vimeo
  • Import your project from IndieDB or itch.io

If you have problems or want more features please do not hesitate to give us feedback!

Learn more at https://www.gamedev.net/projects/about!

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