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Writing for a game: Case file 4:20

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Not sure if this is where I post an idea but I need the feedback on my concept.

Plot: Game revolves around identical twin brothers raised on two different sides of the law. One is a well respected detective with a deceptive dark past whilst the other is a misunderstood hacker who lost everything because he trusted the wrong person. The detective is living the life that his presumably dead brother had always dreamed of. But he soon discovers that the mastermind criminal who has beat him in every step of his investigation is his brother who actually plans to take his life back and use this brothers' police resources to investigate the unsolved murder of his biological mothers death.

Gameplay: Game has a GTA like set open world feel with an L.A Noire investigative prowess. The investigative part of solving crimes won't be like L.A Noire because of the lack of resources used. E.G. Facial Capture. Instead all investigations will have two way outcomes that lead to the same end.

Engine: Unity or Unreal Engine.....which ever is within budget.

For more of a detailed illustration of story contact me at: Iheartkc.kushchronyc@gmail.com or Facebook: Sam Ndebele

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Posted (edited)

That's a fine premise, which I mean as a compliment because there are plenty of games that have weak premises for whatever reasons -- they're sequels saddled with baggage, studio ownership got passed around like a hot potato, whatever The identical twin thing might be a little overplayed in film and TV, but I don't think it's been overused in games yet.

But nothing in the gameplay makes it distinctly different from GTA or LA Noire, so execution would have to be significantly better than either of those games. That suggests a $100+ million budget in the hands of a team of experts.

What gameplay changes would make it unique, where someone on Steam would decide that they have to play this game instead of GTA? Take Her Story, for example. If it were done like LA Noire but made on Her Story's budget, I don't think it would have had a chance.

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I really like this idea. Well done. You can flesh this out and create a deep story with that.

Id make sure your characterization isn't generic/cliche. Try to subvert player expectations with your plot progression if possible. Throw some plot twists, but don't overdo it. If you're making it choice based/non linear, make sure either path makes sense. Also I'd make it longer than your average 6-8 hour game. Add depth, intrigue, and make the world and characters feel real.

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I'm on top of it, your feedback and advice's greatly appreciated. I was thinking of executing the gameplay in a manner where throughout most of the game the different protagonists intentions are unknown. As the story unfolds and truths are revealed, the player has the option of choosing which of the brothers stay alive according to what players think of the moral behind the characters actions. In a sense, execution would be of a CSI/NCIS feel towards unvailing character secrets.

I am really thankful for the advice and hope that I meet or set a high bar in this venture.

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