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    • By stromboli
      Hello everyone - I'd like to just start this post by saying I am totally new here and so I am sorry if this is in the wrong place or something, I will be happy to take it down or move it to another place if advised!
      I am a student doing a research and information project on the story-writing side of games, which may lead into my dissertation next year. I have a couple of quick questions I would like to throw out, and I will be using the answers in a portfolio of research (with your permission), as well as possibly being used in leaflets that I will be creating for the project
      These questions are mainly intended for those who are on the story-creation side, but you can answer most of them anyway even if you didn't write the story
      Any-who, what I really want to ask is the following, and feel free to waffle on or throw in extra info, and likewise don't feel like you have to answer all these questions, even one response to one question will help!
      1) What position do you hold in the industry, and how/why did you achieve this position?
      2) What tends to come first in the creation process, the game-play or the story? Which is more important?
      3) How often do projects you are involved with actually make it to full release?
      4) What is your advice for people dipping their toes into game design and story-writing as A) a hobby (i.e. fan games and mods) or B) a career?
      5) Is your current job full time, self employed or freelance, and do you ever find yourself working multiple jobs? Do you find this to be a positive or negative side of your line of work?
      6) How does your job impact your social life and general well-being?
      Thanks all who answer
    • By Anthony Cao
      Hiiii, so ive been studying marketing in my own time and I have experiments i wanna try do to past recorded strategies of other marketing strategies. Also im on Redbull, Dr Pepper and a 48 hour energy mixture soooooo excuse my preppy nature on my typing and grammer usage. 
      As far as I can see I have a theory (actually I got hundreds of these), so as far as I know a game doesnt necessarily need to be advertised to be sucessful from the content publishers themself. There are other means to counter the forceful advertisment. Yea im not speaking of reviews and playthrews to go up in search ranking and relevancy tho that is a tactic that happens on its own. 
      Sooo whats on my mind today is that online games pretty much baits the players to spend money to look smancy, now what if the fancy panties were to be grabable in game without the need to spend actual money. Then no one would spend anything right? What if i told you there is a way to trick players mentallity using this method in order to get them to spend money. Your probably thinking to yourself "go to sleep Anthony you are drunk"... Im energy high theres a different... If a function were to be available in game for free then by all means players would go the free route, now if the free route was difficult to achieve the player would quit the game and you will have a fanbase on those rage quiters (Dark Souls, and binding of isaac). If the free route was easy to perform yet very time consuming and grindy then thats more hours spent on the game. Now heres the trick, what if the option to purchase instead of grinding was available? 
      Then the players would think, would they spend a full hour trying to fetch the item, which in a working net worth terms 10$... Or would they rather spend 3$ to get the item right away. 
      [deleted by moderator]
      This weird drink mixture is making me lo key depressed. 
      Alsooo what do you think about this marketing concept... 
    • By Anthony Cao
      Okay, I want to find someone or a group whos in the process of making a browser game or mobile game or is interested in doing so. 
      Im interested in guiding and help choose the route the general direction of the game should lean twards. Of course it is your game and you do have the rights to refuse the suggestions i have to improve the game, I have marketing concepts and ideas in mind and i do take time studying other strategies as well as come up with my own strategies for success. 
      Look at it this way, you have a game you are trying to perfect, yet dont know how to raise a fanbase or increase player count, dont know how to generate revenue substantually. I have solutions to try, and as you may see it, I am your npc offering you the optional side quest to improve your game... Like normal side quests, they are optional but can be rewarding. 
      I dont need money or asking for it either, because my service is free, but if it does lead to success then a generous donation or hiring me as a permenent team member in the future might work for the best for me. 
    • By Just4lol
      I'm looking for my dream teammate(s) to help me work on my Unity game. I still dont know where Im going with that project but I want to make a good final product that I would be able to sell or publish it for free on Steam.  Here a video of the prototype (The only thing I dint made is the skybox) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y2Otmt9jRkc
      My discord : Just4lol#46982
      I want somone at least as competent as me : 
      - I want somone with at least one year of experience in Unity (already worked with scriptable object and know oop).
      - Already worked with shaders or can do editors tools is a plus.
      - Can do 3d models in Blender or can do 2d art for the ui or particles effects.
      - Can make soundtracks or sound effects a bonus.
      Im a french Canadian so mind my english I will do my best to edit any errors I see. 
    • By Vik Bogdanov
      DMarket, the world’s first and only working marketplace on blockchain for in-game items trading, today announced the release of its product version 2.0 Beta.
      One of the key features of v2.0 is Steam integration. It allows users to trade and exchange Steam-stored in-game items on DMarket, providing a whole new model of assets monetization. The annual turnover of in-game assets trading is over $10 billion, and it has the potential to reach $450 billion. The average monthly trading volume of skins globally exceeds 60 million items. 
      DMarket v2.0 also features an upgraded version of the Blockchain Explorer that has been supplemented with a cold wallet functionality for enhanced user security.
      The company launched version 1.0 of its marketplace in October 2017. DMarket Founder’s Mark, a unique piece of memorabilia commemorating the marketplace launch, has already risen in price from a few cents to thousands of dollars. To date, the trading volume of DMarket Founder’s Mark is 486,000 DMC.  
      Most recently, DMarket signed a partnership agreement with Unity Technologies, the world’s most widely-used real-time 3D development platform. This will allow any Unity-based game to easily plug into the DMarket API and integrate in-game items into DMarket blockchain for trading and exchange. Under the agreement, DMarket will build a custom SDK for Unity games integration that will be officially certified by Unity and presented and supported in the Unity Asset Store.
      About DMarket
      DMarket is the world’s first and only working blockchain-based marketplace for trading in-game items and turning them into real assets.
      To learn more or test DMarket in action, check out dmarket.com

      View full story
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Writing for a game: Case file 4:20

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Not sure if this is where I post an idea but I need the feedback on my concept.

Plot: Game revolves around identical twin brothers raised on two different sides of the law. One is a well respected detective with a deceptive dark past whilst the other is a misunderstood hacker who lost everything because he trusted the wrong person. The detective is living the life that his presumably dead brother had always dreamed of. But he soon discovers that the mastermind criminal who has beat him in every step of his investigation is his brother who actually plans to take his life back and use this brothers' police resources to investigate the unsolved murder of his biological mothers death.

Gameplay: Game has a GTA like set open world feel with an L.A Noire investigative prowess. The investigative part of solving crimes won't be like L.A Noire because of the lack of resources used. E.G. Facial Capture. Instead all investigations will have two way outcomes that lead to the same end.

Engine: Unity or Unreal Engine.....which ever is within budget.

For more of a detailed illustration of story contact me at: Iheartkc.kushchronyc@gmail.com or Facebook: Sam Ndebele

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Posted (edited)

That's a fine premise, which I mean as a compliment because there are plenty of games that have weak premises for whatever reasons -- they're sequels saddled with baggage, studio ownership got passed around like a hot potato, whatever The identical twin thing might be a little overplayed in film and TV, but I don't think it's been overused in games yet.

But nothing in the gameplay makes it distinctly different from GTA or LA Noire, so execution would have to be significantly better than either of those games. That suggests a $100+ million budget in the hands of a team of experts.

What gameplay changes would make it unique, where someone on Steam would decide that they have to play this game instead of GTA? Take Her Story, for example. If it were done like LA Noire but made on Her Story's budget, I don't think it would have had a chance.

Edited by Tony Li

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I really like this idea. Well done. You can flesh this out and create a deep story with that.

Id make sure your characterization isn't generic/cliche. Try to subvert player expectations with your plot progression if possible. Throw some plot twists, but don't overdo it. If you're making it choice based/non linear, make sure either path makes sense. Also I'd make it longer than your average 6-8 hour game. Add depth, intrigue, and make the world and characters feel real.

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I'm on top of it, your feedback and advice's greatly appreciated. I was thinking of executing the gameplay in a manner where throughout most of the game the different protagonists intentions are unknown. As the story unfolds and truths are revealed, the player has the option of choosing which of the brothers stay alive according to what players think of the moral behind the characters actions. In a sense, execution would be of a CSI/NCIS feel towards unvailing character secrets.

I am really thankful for the advice and hope that I meet or set a high bar in this venture.

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