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Unreal Unreal 4 - Heroes and Legend

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Project: Heroes and Legends

Stage: 1, Content Generation, Assembly

Skills: Unreal 4, GIMP, Krita, Blender, iClone, Rigging, Animation, Texture Generation, Substance, Audio Composition, GIS (Geographical Information Systems), C++, YeD, Open Office, GitHub


Unreal 4 Developers

C++ Programmers

2D Artists

3D Texture Artists

Music Composers

Sound Composers

Web Developers HTML, Java, MySQL, PHP

Server Administrator


Heroes and Legends is a RPG like Skyrim but has action to turn based systems.  It features extreme motion graphics.  Some adult content like The Witcher.  Immense combat intricacy.  It will also feature heavy object interaction.  This is not a short term project.  It will feature an in pay system.  I currently am in the content generation stage.  I have posted one of the models I am working on with 1 piece of music I have selected.  I have rights to Versus and Ivan Torrent for music sound tracks.  I also have one dedicated server, Ubuntu 16.04, a domain and need web developers and server administration as I can't possibly do all this work my self. I also have a CC merchant already, including business PayPal account. Please be prepared to show a portfolio.  I am the creator of Labworks made in Java which is a scientific engineering program, I also have plenty of C++ source code.  I have studied Unreal 4 for 4 years and know it in and out, this is my first major project so no blueprints or portfolio work besides my software programs developed under my company.


Currently I am offering paid for access to pluralsight.com and geekbooks.me for anyone that contributes.  Royalties will be split among the contributors on completion of the project. 


You may reply to this post.  You may contact me via my business email, darian.a.glinski@i3dix.com

You may message me on Skype at Darian Glinski, Elk Mound, Wisconsin.  Message both one is my business one is my personal.


i3dix.com (Under Construction)

sworn2duty.com (Organization of veterans, using Joomla)



Make Human - 1-1.png




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36 minutes ago, i3di said:

I currently am in the content generation stage.

So you are done?

I just want to clear this up. By content generation do you mean that you already made the game with placeholder content, now your looking for team members to replace all the assets with final assets?


I am sorry for asking. You do seem very professional, so it makes sense that you could have most of the game designed and now you are looking for content creators.

At the same time I find that new developers make the mistake of building the team with no game in place yet. So it is unclear from your post, if you are a experienced game developer or someone with experience in many other fields but new to development.

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