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Good particle textures?

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Hi :)

I have a short question. Do you know a place where I can find (and buy) good particle effect textures. The only acceptable particle texture packs I found where on GameDevMarket.net, but there has to be a place with more variety and huger/better packs, or am I wrong. So if you have any ideas for good particle effect texture sources, if paid, if free, just let me know. Thanks in advance and have a nice day :). By the way if you know any cool asset shops, besides gamedevmarket and maybe the unity asset store which provides content for game devs I would be very happy ^^

Markus form Phodex

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gamedevmarket.net is actually my favorite place to look for assets (even though I prefer creating them myself). The most common places for assets are covered in https://forum.unity.com/threads/top-10-best-2d-game-asset-sites.375329/, but I guess you found that article as well.

Did you consider to hire an artist? Depending on how much money you want to spend, this would be the best "source" for assets. They most likely fit your game as well.

BR, Lukas

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@LukasIrzl Hey, thanks a lot for the information :) especially the forum post with asset sources if very interesting.

3 hours ago, LukasIrzl said:

Did you consider to hire an artist?

Yeah I generally do consider, and did already use the work for artists, but I have to precisely manage my budget and its mostly cheaper to buy an asset pack and you also get more content for your money. Sometimes there are cool bundles containing everything you need (something like: "Huge Fantasy Particle Pack"), at least at a basic quality level, which is exactly what I need. Does not have to be super high quality. Anyways, I will find my way, will browse through the thread you send me. Btw your projects are looking good keep going :) and have a nice day!

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Buying particle sprites won't be a great problem if you buy them as bundles somewhere. I guess, they mostly fit very well in the game, depending on the style. So, it's a great way to save some money.

Otherwise, if you buy game assets like characters, environmental stuff etc. you could end with a game, whose assets may be used in other games and it may look "cheap" (I'm thinking of a few Unity games out there ^^). This is no big deal if you just try out a few things and create games for you to gain experience. If planning to sell the game, you should definitely have great assets in your game. ;)

Another way to get to your assets may be, to create them on your own. :) If that is an option as well, I would definitely go with that.

Thanks for looking over my projects, I really appreciate it. :D

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