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Our first game - E-V-A-L

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I am a part of the team at stoptoplay, a new indie game studio and we have just finished up and published our first game in the Windows Store.


The game is a 2D infinite runner game, with a dedicated story based campaign. It was built using Unity3D and utilizes Windows Ink as an optional user interface, which we thought ended up being a pretty fun mechanic.


Here's a little bit about the game and a link to an intro video!


Existence vs. Annihilation Logic (E.V.A.L) is an infinite runner game created by stoptoplay inc., as indie game developer based in Austin, Texas.

The game puts players in the shoes of a candidate chosen by Corporate to partake in their Future Fitness Test. A test to gauge the readiness of the human population for the future.


Corporate's scientists have determined that human survival will be directly correlated to how fast we are able to push buttons. The ultimate form of productivity in the modern world. The team led by Dr. R, has created a program dubbed the Existence vs Annihilation Logic or E.V.A.L for short who is charged with conducting the test and evaluating the candidate's performance.


This is an early release and we are working on new feature updates as well as other improvements to the game. We hope to release E.V.A.L for mobile platforms in the near future.


We're looking for feedback of all sorts. Bugs, features you would like to see, anything else you can think of! Please PM this account if you would be interested in trying out the game and we will send out some promo codes.


Here's the video:

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Thank you!

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