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    • By bschmidt1962
      Hi GameDev Music folks!
      Submissions are now open to speak at GameSoundCon 2018 (Oct 9-10, Los Angeles).
      Any topic of timely interest in game music, sound design will be considered. Potential topics include:
      Audio for VR/AR/MR
      Game Audio post-morta
      Interactive composition techniques
      Cutting edge research in game music/sound topics
      Or any cool topic of interest for professional and aspiring game composers, sound designer, programmers, audio directors

      For details please visit www.GameSoundCon.com/submissions 

    • By davemacdo
      I'm a formally trained composer (doctorate from Michigan State) who writes what most people would call avant-garde concert music. I love weird abstract projects, and I would like to work with somebody making a weird, abstract, artsy game. 
      You can find more about me and my music on my site. I have worked with acoustic and electronic sounds, including some procedurally generated and interactive computer music. 
      In particular, I would like to work on a project that lets me use Fmod to prepare an adaptive score for a game built on Unity or Unreal. I've been a music professor and would like to get experience working in this medium so that I can be a better mentor for my students. Send me a DM or email <davidjohnmacdonald@gmail.com> if you would like to discuss working on a project together. 
    • By deadless games
      i'm am looking for volunteers with little or no experience to help with music and graphic design.
      i was thinking of making a platformer game by myself to get into programming but struggled to make music and do Character design
      you PC doesn't need to be amazing,need to be willing to spend time doing your role,
      if you are interested please contact me with one of the means below.
      email deadlessgames@gmail.com
      discord xwolf572#6974
    • By bvincent
      Hello everyone,
      I am doing a survey to understand better what are the pain points in terms of music composition in video games, what are the game studios / developers expectations in the future and how the industry could be improve: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1NycMla5fhQd1fMbLy3c28alxCbhIYvkD6Fv9lqhxEJ0
      It is not a promotion of any kind, I am just interested in getting feedbacks from game developers, studios and gamers (and composers as well). 
      The answers are completely confidential and no personal information will be published, or used for any other purpose.
      Thanks for your time and help  
    • By nsmadsen
      Hey everyone,
      Here's some of the music I composed and produced for SGI's recent slot theme Monopoly Colossal Boardwalk, a slot game included in the newly released Monopoly Slots app! You can play this game and many great SGI slot games here: https://www.facebook.com/monopolyslots/ All content is owned exclusively by SGI and is showcased with permission. Feedback is always welcome and I hope you enjoy it!
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Battle of the Champions - Orchestral Battle Music

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for a long time I wanted to write something like this: a flamboyant "final fight" track with broad, heroic themes swirling above driving ostinati.



Originally this piece belongs to the score I wrote for a student film project realised many many years ago. The music was produced via a MIDI-based digital sequencer and of course orchestral sample libraries. Unfortunately, the London Symphony Orchestra was just too busy at the moment for a recording session. :P

While the last bars in asymmetrical 7/8 meter surely feel a bit overloaded (with syncopated choir fills and such), I am quite happy with the overall arrangement and the final mix. But maybe I am a little bit biased since I listened to it too often and it's just chaos to your ears... ;) If you have some hints on how to improve the mix, sound, orchestration etc. please feel free to let me know.

Best regards,


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On 1/6/2018 at 1:30 PM, Mulahey said:

If you have some hints on how to improve the mix, sound, orchestration etc. please feel free to let me know.

Hi Dustin. I haven't had time to drop in here much lately. I apologize in advance if my responses are possibly a little sporadic. 

I'm listening on a JBL surround system and a pair of SM9's in a pretty well treated room. I'm getting a lot of bulkiness in the low 100's and 400's that I feel are giving the mix too much warmth. Its a little overpowering because I don't feel this has enough 8k, and the air at 12-20 rolls off. Its odd to say this, but I feel the entire 180-800 range is a little under compressed by modern mix standards here in 2018...as far as current mix trends go I think this mix would benefit from being tighter on the low end and brighter and the top.

The other thing I wasn't getting a lot of was depth. One thing I might consider trying is running multi-band saturation in parallel particularly on the upper register of the strings. If I had this mix infront of me, I would try to get the top to open up more by doing this. If that didn't work, I'd try some non-modulation based imaging *(meaning don't use a SoundToys MicroShift or Eventide H3000), again in multi band. If you don't have an accurate well tuned room to work out of, you might consider of using a Waves, Izotope, or Boz Labs plug to collapse your stereo spectrum to mono in the low end using a graduated summing filter on your 2 bus. Next, at 2:50 or so, I would re-structure your verb busses in the strings, percussion, and choir. It almost sounds like you used verbs that came with those VI's and whatever's going on there is walking all over itself. I think these are really important for establishing space. I would probably go strait to my Bricasti for this (if you have access to a studio that has one). To make the verb really cut thought and shine, I'd consider throwing some transient design on the tail, and if I used my Bricasti, would make sure the pre-delays of were fine tuned to stay out of the way of the initial transients on anything the accents in the string groove or percussive hits.

I hope this helps a little!

I think there's some good stuff going on there musically! Its a pleasant track to listen to :D

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