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Alec Weesner

Education Worth it to go to School as a Composer?

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3 hours ago, Battlegun said:

The only program that would seem applicable to me is the B.A. in Music.

That sounds like a fine choice. The college I went to (in New York state) was primarily known for its music school, so I suppose they had more specialized majors, but unless you're planning to go for a PhD in composition or something (or even if you are), [generic] Music seems perfectly apropos.

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On 1/7/2018 at 2:37 AM, Alec Weesner said:

Hello future and present game designers! I've researched into this topic and even had an interview with a well-known composer about whether I should attend a music school. Acquiring the knowledge, contacts, and confidence in music makes attending one seem like a good choice.

Also, would my school of choice matter in this decision? In my case, the University of Southern California is the more accredited school for video game designers, but the University of Irvine is closer to home (where I won't have to move away).

Any advice is appreciated. Thanks.

I think that you should go to the one that is more accredited because you can definitely learn more from a better school and if you have to move away that isn't a bad thing because you get to be independent :) Just my own personal opinion:)

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