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I wanna create a Rimworld-like game

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Posted (edited)

Hey guys!
My name is Nikita, I'm 19 currently. I'm from Mother Russia, working for FSB and trying to recreate the Soviet Union...

Just joking :D

So, I have some questions that I hope you can help me with:

I REALLY enjoy playing the game Rimworld. It's kinda realistic, filled with details and random stuff like random (good or bad) events, random character traits, so it's kinda like a real-life game. I really like to manage my colony, overcome the troubles, and evolve. Now I decided I wanna create a clone of it, but with some my own stuff that this game doesn't have. I DON'T WANT to make a mod for it (at least right now, when I start), I want to make a standalone game that will basically be 80% like Rimworld. Of course it will be MUCH simplier, at least at the beginning.

1) What engine do you suggest for such purpose? What programming language should I learn? I have some basic skills in programming (if, while, for - level). My game can also be like with pixel graphics, for old-school look and probably easier for me to create.

2) Tell me please about your exprerience in finding kinda...like-minded people that might help you when you just have nothing but a bunch of ideas in your head?

Sorry for my imperfect English, I don't write things in it like every day.


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1) As you're just starting, a popular engine in whichever language you find easiest to use.  As for which language to use, either pick one of the common ones (C++, C#, Java, Python, JS), or try a few out and see which one you like best.   You can also go vice versa and learn the language for the engine you choose (Unity[C# or JS] and UE4[C++] being the most popular engines).  There might be a way to make said rimworld clone in something like gamemaker as well, so that's always an option too. 


2) Assuming you mean people joining your project for help, experience for hobby stuff has been: people will come and go, and you may find awesome friends for life or make one hell of an enemy.  Most hobby projects seem to fall off into oblivion as people tend to get silly because they have a team and making a "serious" game requires a bit more commitment and effort than most people are willing to put in as a hobby.  Of course, if you're just asking for advice or running into trouble with something, this community, and others out there are pretty useful.  There's also a plethora of information out there to learn from.


Hope that helps.

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Hey ace4016
Thanks for answering, but...

I just need a staight advice about which engine do you suggest for such a game.

And the antoher one about like-minded people: I'm just curious about HOW did you and other people begin there journey in game-making industry? I mean, where did you find those people? Especially if you don't now almost any. I have one friend of mine who's a coder finishing his bachelor programm here, in Moscow, but he's obviously kinda busy right now and unfortunately I'm not so charismatic to inspire him about this project to the point I am inspired. So, just kinda your experience - where did you find help? Because you can't do big games without help.


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Not a huge fan of Unity myself but this guy literally makes a game like Rimworld in Unity. From start to finish. 



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