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FreeType example

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2 hours ago, mike44 said:


I've compiled:

michael@michael-All-Series:~/CPP$ g++ example1.c -o ftypeexample -lfreetype -I/usr/include/freetype2


but try to run on Ubuntu like:

michael@michael-All-Series:~/CPP$ ./ftypeexample ./Ubuntu-B.ttf HELLO

returns nothing.

Thanks for help. Can i use that font in my small commercial app?


And you have the ttf at the same location than your binary ?

From the tutorial, errors are gotten, but not managed: manage them.

Also, debug your program to see where things get bad.

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Thanks, now I look at something different:

FontHandle FontMgr::loadFont(const char* inFontPath, const char * inStartMem, const char * inEndMem, unsigned int inSizePx, bool require_exact)

and get:

HelloWorld.cpp:83:12: error: expected primary-expression before ‘.’ token
 m.loadFont(./Ubuntu-B.ttf, 0, 100, 16, 0);


There are no explanations to the loadFont function. Would you have an idea on how to load the ubuntu.ttf?

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52 minutes ago, mike44 said:


This probably needs to be a a string.

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