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    • By bschmidt1962
      Hi GameDev Music folks!
      Submissions are now open to speak at GameSoundCon 2018 (Oct 9-10, Los Angeles).
      Any topic of timely interest in game music, sound design will be considered. Potential topics include:
      Audio for VR/AR/MR
      Game Audio post-morta
      Interactive composition techniques
      Cutting edge research in game music/sound topics
      Or any cool topic of interest for professional and aspiring game composers, sound designer, programmers, audio directors

      For details please visit www.GameSoundCon.com/submissions 

    • By CraneM

      In our game we want to use sounds based on  https://gamesounds.xyz/. I mean that sounds in game would be mix of  those from GameSounds and our own recordings. For example sound of explosion would be mix of burning effect from GameSounds and 'boom' made by our sound designer. I know that all sounds on this sites are free for use commercially, but what about licences? It would be enough that in credits would be mention that some part of sfx were made with those from GameSounds.xyz ? Is there another for of reference needed?

    • By davemacdo
      I'm a formally trained composer (doctorate from Michigan State) who writes what most people would call avant-garde concert music. I love weird abstract projects, and I would like to work with somebody making a weird, abstract, artsy game. 
      You can find more about me and my music on my site. I have worked with acoustic and electronic sounds, including some procedurally generated and interactive computer music. 
      In particular, I would like to work on a project that lets me use Fmod to prepare an adaptive score for a game built on Unity or Unreal. I've been a music professor and would like to get experience working in this medium so that I can be a better mentor for my students. Send me a DM or email <davidjohnmacdonald@gmail.com> if you would like to discuss working on a project together. 
    • By deadless games
      i'm am looking for volunteers with little or no experience to help with music and graphic design.
      i was thinking of making a platformer game by myself to get into programming but struggled to make music and do Character design
      you PC doesn't need to be amazing,need to be willing to spend time doing your role,
      if you are interested please contact me with one of the means below.
      email deadlessgames@gmail.com
      discord xwolf572#6974
    • By bvincent
      Hello everyone,
      I am doing a survey to understand better what are the pain points in terms of music composition in video games, what are the game studios / developers expectations in the future and how the industry could be improve: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1NycMla5fhQd1fMbLy3c28alxCbhIYvkD6Fv9lqhxEJ0
      It is not a promotion of any kind, I am just interested in getting feedbacks from game developers, studios and gamers (and composers as well). 
      The answers are completely confidential and no personal information will be published, or used for any other purpose.
      Thanks for your time and help  
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New Electronic/Orchestral piece I have written. Would love to hear what you guys think!

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I'm sort of getting somewhat of a Stranger Things vibe, Too me this sounds really nice, I love how its mysterious and has a major turn to it towards the end.

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Hey Anthony! I am working on some music mainly for a new game studio I am apart of called Pixel Canvas Studios! We are working on a new horror game for VR and will hopefully be able to share stuff in the next coming months. I'll be posting some personal music soon as well within the next few weeks. I post all of my music at my youtube page: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZj2u5n3BrNo6xwcY7eLo6w

I appreciate the interest!

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