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I am looking for an algorithm that takes as input a point cloud and generates a list tetrahedrons (Delaunay?).

I would like to use said tetrahedrons as a mean to interpolate the point cloud values at given points in space.

Can anyone point me toward some resources?


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You could look at TetGen: http://wias-berlin.de/software/index.jsp?id=TetGen&lang=1#Download

There should be many papers around as well, personally i often come across the harder problem of hexagonal remeshing, here tetrahedralization is usually done as a preprocess and researchers often mention the use of TetGen for this.

However i know a guy why tried it and was not happy about robustness and mainly license.

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Oh, check this out: https://rgl.epfl.ch/people/wjakob, 'Robust Hex-Dominant Mesh Generation using Field-Guided Polyhedral Agglomeration', there's paper and code on github. This is hex (cubes), but you could just convert to tetras. I assume  it's maybe not suited for very low-poly alike requirements.


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