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3D Been out of the game for three years, high level topics I should re-educate myself on?

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Hey guys, 

I basically learned graphics programming on here so I figured I should come back to relearn. I was a console graphics programmer for a bit, but the past three years I've been mostly doing performance and finding ways to bastardize typical techniques to make them run on a Mali 400 Samsung S3 in India. Because of this, (and the overtime), I haven't spent as much time on pretty graphics in awhile, where should I start? I'm currently updating my personal engine for OGL 4 with an eye toward Vulkan once I'm stable again, and my first goal will be getting a rough approximation of a PBR pipeline together, but after that what should I focus on to get back up to speed?

I know it's an open topic and I'm mostly just looking for conversation about the "State of Graphics Programming in 2018", any feedback will be appreciated. 

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