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Open Source Game needs junior 3d artist

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Hello, I am Argen and I have tried to make a game for some time. However, I recently found out that for my idea, an open source would be best. However, the modeler we have right now does not animate or make his 3d models low-poly, and he needs somebody that can do that. So what we ask for is a junior artist that will join in with this volunteer position. If you are able to animate and/or help finish up his models, then that would be great. The game itself is a rogue like dungeon where you play as a Roman fighting off the hordes of mythology. It is an open source game, so just about anybody can join in with my permission. If you are interested, email me at tfranknorth@gmail.com. You need to be open to using discord to communicate, for that is where most of our team is. Attached is a piece of our modeler's art. Be sure you are fit to work on it! 

Thanks! Argen.


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