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Question regarding object deletion

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I use a device per window and create my objects out of it. If I close on window I dispose all objects (I hope) and I dispose the device.

However, my memory usage seems to keep growing.  I check it with: SharpDX.Diagnostics.ObjectTracker.FindActiveObjects() and it says Count = 0.

I wonder what I can do or If I can use a method or something to clean everything and flush the commands regarding this device. I want a clean memory state back or no leak and

endless grwoing on reopening the window till the memory usage crashes the application.


Do you have any hints checking or fixing this?

Ofc. it could still be that I am missing a dispose, but I checked with:


and shows me nearly no objects or the objects that should be deleted right after I delete or dispose the device.

No clue why it grows so much, seems like the managed memory is growing too.


Thanks in advance !

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