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Nostalgic Saint

Trap.io [Android]

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Trap.io is a game I made and released in one week :). I'm in dire need of constructive criticism before I release the first big update, so that I know what is in need of a change or to be redone. Any opinion whether harsh or not will be valuable.

Trap.io is a game where you collect the trap power-ups and place them and then lead the corresponding enemy (based on color) into the trap to destroy the enemy and score points.The game is endless easy to play difficult to master. The game features highly fast paced combat with an arcade-like feel to movement, to bring back the nostalgia from the past retro space shooter games. With addictive fast paced gameplay a mistake might be your last, keeping up with the fast paced flow games typically lasting 2 minutes, this game is all about fast movement and quick thinking with an element of strategy to trick your cunning, wity enemies into the traps to score points.

The next planned update will include:


Buying Skins

Improved Ui

Improved Overall visuals

Improved game flow

Sound Effects


Thanks in advance. Any form of support or opinion will be highly appreciated :)


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Hi, I liked it! good arcade fun.  If I could point out a few things, but otherwise good stuff.

-The instructions 'how to play' section needs to visually show what all the game items are. I had no idea what a 'orb like powerup' looked like initially.  It was 'game over' about 10 times before I really understood what to do.

-It seems if you touch the hollow circles 3 times it's game over.  It doesn't tell you this anywhere or how many 'lives' you have left. Also there's not much feedback that you have lost a life, only when you die.

-The game starts too hard. Way too hard for me...  You need to go full speed away from the hollow circles from the outset, else game over.  Perhaps progress should be more gradual.  It seems within 30 seconds you have a dozen circles chasing you only for another one to suddenly appear in front of you in the direction you are running away to. Game over!

Hope this of help. 











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