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Hello! We are currently developing a real-time strategy mobile game and this is the concept art for one of our characters.

Her description is: „She blends upper class sophistication with very sharp blades and even sharper fangs.”

What do you think? 

the countess.jpg

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I have to ask. If I said it was bad and you had to scrap it and start over, would you?

It's great work, so there is very little to critique:

The hair strand reminds me too much of the final fantasy Sephiroth from Finalfantasy 7, personally I would like to see her without it. She will maybe look a bit older, yet that isn't a bad thing.

The knee looks flat, it's jarring because the rest of the character looks great. Adding some depth to the leg with shading will help.


What I like:

The heart symbol on the clothes, I really like little traits like these on characters. The same with the bat wing at the back, I like what it has to say about the character.

Your light does a fantastic job of telling the material, especially the boots and the rim light on the jacket stands out.


My idea from what I see:

The pose tells me a reckless fighter. There is lot's of indication of her being a vampire. Her angled face, hair and clothes makes her look like a woman who wants to hide her age.

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Overall your style is very good. The only thing I notice is that her short legs makes her look a bit like a dwarf, maybe that is intentional.

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It looks really nice, the only thing I don't specially like is the wrinkles in the clothing, if you opt for this simple approach I would get rid of them, or make it subtler.

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