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Neo ARcana a logical crisis

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Hello My team is working on the game neo arcana a logical crisis.


We are presently looking for coders to help with the user interface for it. as well as a working combat system

the aim is to have a system where cards represent the skills and abillities of a character. 

each character wille have core cards that is the make up of what sort of character that is.

then there will be other skills and abillities that can be shared among the party.


the game itselfls is a strategic roleplayed game turn based. set in an alternate earth where magic is real but suppressed from the common people.

And we want to use a combat system where a character gets one move and one action per turn.


We are presently working with unreal but if you as a coder have a better idea we are at this stage able to switch engine

So if interested in this project let me know

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