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Unity Looking for Unity Programmers for Multiplayer Project

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We're looking for programmers for our project.

Our project is being made in Unity

-Skills in Unity

We're looking for programmers who can perform a variety of functions on our project.

Project is a top-down hack-and-slash pvp dungeon-crawler like game. Game is entirely multiplayer based, using randomized dungeons, and a unique combat system with emphasis on gameplay.

We have a GDD to work off of, and a Lead Programmer you would work under.

Assignments may include:
-Creating new scripts of varying degrees specific to the project (mostly server-side, but sometimes client-side)
-Assembling already created monsters/characters with existing or non-existing code.
-Creating VFX
-Assembling already created environment models

If interested, please contact: eldwin11929@yahoo.com

This project is unpaid, but with royalties.



Additional Project Info:
Bassetune Reapers is a Player-verus-Player, competitive dungeon crawler. This basically takes on aspects of dungeon crawling, but with a more aggressive setting. Players will have the option to play as the "dungeon-crawlers" (called the 'Knights', or "Knight Class", in-game) or as the "dungeon" itself (literally called the 'Bosses', or "Boss Class", in-game). What this means is that players can choose to play as the people invading the dungeon, or as the dungeon-holders themselves.

Key Features:
-Intense, fast-paced combat
-Multiple skills, weapons, and ways to play the game
-Tons of different Bosses, Minibosses, creatures and traps to utilize throughout the dungeon
-Multiple unique environments
-Interesting, detailed lore behind both the game and world
-Intricate RPG system
-Ladder and ranking system
-Lots of customization for both classes s of customization for both classes

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