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A good implement of 3rd person camera-based movement

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Let me explain why I call it: 3rd person camera-based movement (honestly, I don't know if that's the official name)

In GTA Vice city, you can see, when you turn the camera, the main character turns with the camera. When you press Back, the character walks backward, press Left, the character walks left-ward. I call this 3rd person character-based movement.

In GTA SanAndreas (also GTA IV, GTA V, Sleeping Dogs, Prince of Persia,... ), when you turn the camera, the character won't turn, but the camera rotate orbit around the character, when you press Back, the character walks toward the camera, when you press Left, the character walk toward the left of the camera. So I call this 3rd person camera-based movement.

So I see that 3rd person camera-based movement is pretty popular, I wonder if there is a good implement of 3rd person camera-based movement (that's from open-source, books, forums,... I tried searching but I haven't found any) so that I can learn from.

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Hmmm, I believe both styles you mentioned are examples of 3rd person cameras. The only qualifier being the Playable Character being rendered in a 3D environment within the view frustum so as the player can see them. Usually the PC (or the camera) will be latched, and offsetted so that they both stay within a relative position of one another regardless of where they are in World Space.

Insofar as turning the character with the camera being turned is a matter of gameplay, and style. I wouldn't care for such a feature in a platformer, but in other genres, or sub-categories (actually thinking of the Hog vehicle in Halo) it works ok.

I don't know your background in Game Development, or what experience you may have in any frameworks/engines/APIs, but if you want some nitty gritty on camera systems this site has plenty of articles


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