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Skeletal-Animations for 2D vector art

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I usually do 2D art and animations for platformers, but my upcoming game is going to be in an isometric perspective. But I'm not sure if I will be able to use skeletal-animations with that especially that there would be around 6 directions for the character to move into. 

Anyone have any experience with that?

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I took a quick look at a isometric sprite like this:


(not by me, just a random image I found on google)


It should be possible, but you still have to draw most of the parts for each frame (take a look at the feet of the example). This results in the loss of the smooth animations when using skeletal animations. If your game depends on the smooth animation, this won't work.

Actually, If you know the exact amount of frames (like 3) you could exactly set your key points and replace the needed parts (like feet, hands, etc). Then export the animation in a sprite sheet and it should work.

In that case, you could easily switch the parts if you want the character to have a different layout (like different clothes) without redrawing the whole thing again.

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