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Casual Game Designer Needs Programmers

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Hi all,

So, I'm not very good at programming. It's as simple as that, but love game and character and art design, and I've had an immense idea for a game. It's called Mercanaries 3053, and is a blend of the RPG/Heist genres. Essentially, you go on missions, steal items, sell the items, buy what new gear you can find. All of this in a sci-fi setting, often breaking into space stations or spaceships (which would allow for complete control of the player map). I've got huge ideas for the game, but honestly I just want to know if it's realistic to be doing it without any of my own knowledge of the programming side of game creation. If anyone could help turn this game into a reality, or show me how, a reply would be greatly appreciated.

[More details]

I want this game to be incredibly brutal. I want it to be made so that all four mercenaries on a mission will have to gear up specifically beforehand and work together to try and get through enemies who will have roughly equivalent weapons, health, and accuracy, essentially requiring non-combat or stealth options unless a team has geared themselves heavily for a frontal assault, which I still want to be the most challenging option. 

The game would revolve around a currency-based reward system. After each mission, or mission failure, the stock in the black market will rotate into different gear, however will always have two options of every kind of weapon, tool, ammunition and armor. Here, money earned can be spent or saved. Death, however, will cost you all of your current money. Whilst revival and retreat would both be possible options, death itself must feel very punishing, and require players to really keep themselves stocked up on ammunition. 

I would want several tools for the players to buy and use. There are one-time tools, such as flashbang grenades, and tools that have durability and can be repaired. I have a long list of different tools planned that include door-blasting explosives, hacking devices, welding torches, and so on that could be used to maneuver in different ways through levels.


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