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andrew gold

How to get art for game when you have no experience in art?

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I'm pretty new to this site so I'm not sure if this is the best place to put this but, I had a question about how I can learn to make, find a free artist to help, or find a place online to get art for a game I wanted to make.  I have no experience in making art and really don't know where I would go to start learning to making it.  I want to make 2d pixel art for my game.  If any of you know of any free artists willing to help me make some stuff for fun, let me know!  Also if there are any websites I could use that would be great!  


Thank you

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Draw stick men and later hire an artist to replace your bad placeholder drawings.

A artist who spend 4+ years learning how to make art wont laugh at your stick drawings.


Also https://opengameart.org/ should be the go to for placeholder art.


Remember that a lot of this was made to use as placeholders, you will need to fix them for your game or get an artist to replace them.


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