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Writer/Artist Seeking a Project

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I'm a creative writer in search of a game or similar project to work on in my spare time. I have in the past worked in a small game team, and would love to be part of one again.

I'm open to all considerations at the moment, whether free or paid, visual novel, or something else. I can, and have done game narration, storyboards, character development, and scriptwriting in the past. I'm interested in a project led by story: whether it's an RPG, visual novel, or whatever else. I can write in a variety of styles and genres, including poetry. I also have some experience in art, and sound design, so I can definitely help across the board on a few things. I've even done some promotional writing for a site launch last year - if you need help with that, chances are I can help. Lastly, I do have experience with Ren'Py, so if you are working on a visual novel, that is the one language I can program in!


If you have a project you're needing writing (and possibly music/art), please let me know your proposal. I'd be looking to help out on something family-friendly e.g. without adult themes, gore, etc.








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If you would like any more examples, please feel free to contact me. Even if your game has very minimal story, I'd still be interested in helping grow it :)

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I'm working on a long dev cycle JRPG based on a young mythological hero looking to take back his Kingdom. It's unpaid and only me coding and doing the art, but I can use a hand on concept art (always good to have, especially if and when I get to the point to start a Crowdfund or go into a pitch meeting). Right now, I'm building out a prototype on Unreal Engine as I build up my music portfolio so that I can create a "war chest" to cycle money into building out a Dev PC and potentially hire people. My story outline was one of those writing itself type of things, so I know my idea has some good value. Game logic just comes natural to me for some reason, so I've had good luck blueprinting thus far (love that Unreal vis scripting). But, seriously the story is EPIC. 

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Hi EmmersionStudios, and thanks for your reply! Would you be able to tell me more about the storyline, and what kind of concept art you'd be looking for? My strength is in writing, but I can do 2d art with some proficiency. You mentioned you have a story outline - are you looking for me to help grow this, or what part would you be looking for help on (e.g. narration/scriptwriting etc.)? Also, any more details of the game e.g. characters, theme/atmosphere would be great.


Feel free to reply via pm if that's more convenient, or if you are looking to keep the game details private.

Thanks, and I look forwards to your reply!

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