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Unreal 4 - Heroes & Legends

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Game Name: Heroes and Legends

Type:  RPG & MMO

Perspective: 1st Person, 3rd Person, Strategy

Action: Real Time, Turn Based, Strategy

Game Description

Heroes and Legends is a game that is destined to surpass Skyrim.  Using advanced procedural generation one can create modules that are the size of our planet, larger or smaller, completely open and compatible with Geographical Information Systems (GIS) technology.  The game will also feature a procedural architecture generator that will procedurally generate cities, ruins, and many land marks across the world assigning initial names from a vast database of names.  Game models feature advanced motion graphics rigs consisting of most the bones of the human body to simulate anything right down to breathing, the model provided below is a human male in development.  Using my motion graphics and morphing plugin flesh will be far more real in combat. The game will feature many character customizations and a full featured game editor to design your own playable world solo or online via a dedicated server.  Rights to Versus Music and Ivan Torrents Music have been purchased and you can listen to the many epic tracks here:  https://www.youtube.com/user/VersusMusicOfficial


Unreal 4

What To Expect

I am an experienced project manager, very good at designing, training and completing projects.  You will be utilizing Git, GitHub, and project management software following the standard software development life cycle.  Ideas are welcome, contributions to make this game current with modern PC technology are absolutely welcome in an open door policy.  While the game design is complete it can and will be altered so that everyone gets something they feel is important in the project.  Good team skills are a requirement and you must have follow thru and be able to demonstrate follow thru.  Entry level is welcome as there is plenty of entry level work and I will train those wishing to come on board but with less experience.  Essentially I am a software engineer and systems engineer.  I don't expect people with 25 years of experience but I do expect some knowledge of game development and some familiarity with the posted needs.


Unreal 4 Developers (Level 1- 5):  This is an entry level position as there will be training and assistance in further development.  However, there is a preference for developers with 2 or more years in Unreal.

C++ Developers (Level 1 - 5):  This is an entry level position as there will be training and assistance in further development.  However, there is a preference for developers with 2 or more years in C++ Programming.

2D Artists  (Level 3-5): This position is reserved for intermediate to advanced 2D Concept Artists with knowledge of interface design who have a knowledge of GIMP and Krita. Have a portfolio.

3D Artists (Level 3-5):  This position is reserved for intermediate to advanced 3D Material and Texture Artists who have a knowledge of GIMP and Krita. Have a portfolio.

Music and Sound FX Composers (Level 3-5): This position is given preference from intermediate to advanced Music and Sound Composers.

Server Administrators (Level 5): This position requires a full knowledge of dedicated servers as you will be working on our dedicated server with a Linux operating system and dedicated ip address.  Security knowledge is essential.

Website Developers Knowledgeable in Apache2, PHP7, Tomcat8, Java8, JavaEE7, HTML5, JavaScript, MySQL, REST, and SOAP. (Level 1 - 5): Knowledge of website development on a LAMP configuration with Java is required.  Entry Level will be considered and there will be training but some basic demonstrable familiarity is required. 

Company Information

Interactive 3D International was founded in June of 2016.  Initially specializing in serving the Eau Claire, Menomonie area of Wisconsin doing hardware diagnostics, repair, custom desktops and servers, small business software and currently holds the patents on Labworks Software a scientific engineering platform.  The ultimate goal of the company is to specialize in 3D Computer Graphics, Animations and Game Development with a final goal to bring back a company like Janes that specializes in Military Combat Simulations.  I carry multiple degrees in computer science, physics, qm, and math.  I have been developing in C++ for over 25 years and can program in C++ C#, Basic, Assembly,  and Java.  I am familiar with most computer topics and development, I also carry several certifications in hardware.  I have been studying 3D Computer Graphics since 1995.  I know OpenGL, DirectX, Unity and Unreal professionally.

The company currently carries a agreement with Western Digital Technologies to develop special technologies to further VR and Simulation Technologies.  Currently in design is hand, arm and body motion sensors that will be mapped to allow a user using VR like Oculus Rift to move fingers, perform hand grips and real time arm and body movements.  Currently under investigation is a VR mobile rig allowing sensory input of body motion such as walking, running, crouching, jumping, or sitting from a single location in the convenience of a living room.

Interactive 3D International is looking for career minded people across the globe to develop top notch, dynamic, realistic, console games.  You may post a reply here or you can send a resume and portfolio to:



All parties will sign a NDA and be provided royalties of modular developments sold on Unreal Market and of the final game product and in game pay.  Company FEIN is already established for 2 years running as Interactive 3D International.  Those contributing will be made part of the corporate board, any profit shares and part of a permanent team for our second project already in the design stage.  The company will be converted into a corporation with those involved sitting on the board after completion.


You will receive unlimited access to geekbooks.me a complete source for current and past books on any game, it, or computer science field.  You will also be given access to pluralsight.com for learning.  You will be given training if your at entry level via virtual conferencing, classroom instruction and demonstration.


The model provided here is Copyright @ 2018 and a Trademark of Interactive 3D International, I3DI, All Rights Reserved, and is for examination purposes only.



We look forward to hearing from you.!


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