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HTML5 Recruiting Habbo Beta ~ New Habbo vision

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Habbo Beta (temp name) is an ambitious project that involves making a copy of the Habbo Hotel game for the sole purpose of improving the original work and bringing a new message: educating teenagers through Staff activities, Events, Meetings and more yet.
We created a survey a while ago to find out what the Habbo Players think about their game, and we decided that in this project we will eliminate some features, add new features, bring back some of the old Habbo's stuff for the more nostalgic and improve a little everything. Knowing what the Players want is essential to build something that really works!

To do all this we need YOUR help! We are willing to make a contribution to all those who will help us in the Graphic Design or / and Programming, so if you think that your known graphics can not remain on the sidelines or your skills in programming must be exploited, contact me on Skype: vinx33 if you want to participate in our project !!

Preferential requirements:
To be at least 16 years of age;

Currently we are looking for:
Pixel art graphics;
and some managerial roles;

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    • By Adrian Bigaj

      The game: https://www.combo-clicks.com/
      DEV blog (so everyone can read the journey and some history):
      Feedback for Combo Clicks and also IDEAS for future games will be super appreciated (Hyper Casuals done in 3-4 weeks, each game with React Native).
      I will try to post on my blog atleast on weekly basis (both for gamers and developers) 
      Thank you!

    • By Gerard M.A Dummett
      Hello, this is beta v0.3.4 of our first game and we are looking for people who are goal oriented, hard working, communicates well and completes tasks in a timely manner. If this sounds like you, view our game, see if it interest you and send me a pm. 


      We are looking to expand out team, to include another programmer and another artist. We have a lot of plans for the game and because of how large it is we need more help. This position is not paid, but will look good in a portfolio. The game currently has 5.5k views on itch where we test the game. Upon finished release we will be releasing it on Kongregate with the hopes to one day release it on steam. 

      If the game makes money in the future, you will be paid a percentage of that earning based on how much you contributed. As of now, the game is free to play with no intention of in game purchases. 

      Artist: Will be required to create pixel art which includes ships, weapons, planets, and unique bosses.

      Programmer: Will Assist me in adding events, streamlining content, voicing his/her opinion, creating snippets of code to implement, and debugging. 

      The game currently has over 1000 events. With game completion at approximately 10%. We look forward to hearing back from you.
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      Hey everybody,
      I'm currently working on a simple HTML5 game and my javascript collision detection function isn't working. The game features a little man that runs from side to side at the bottom of the screen, while a meteor falls from the sky. The function is supposed to detect a collision between meteor and man.
      In the routine, the top left corner of the man is at (player.x, player.y) and the top left corner of the meteor is at (meteor.x, meteor.y). The man is 25 pixels wide by 35 pixels tall. The meteor is 50 pixels wide by 50 pixels tall.
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    • By Viir
      I am working on a multiplayer real-time strategy game.
      This game focuses on the core of real-time strategy, forgoing resource gathering, base building, and unit types.
      Play against bots or meet other people online to play a match.
      You can play it in your web browser on https://play.drtsgame.com
      Note that the camera controls are not yet explained in the tutorial. Here is how to control the camera:
      Camera panning: Hold down right mouse button and drag to move the camera
      Camera Zoom: Use the mouse wheel to zoom.



    • By Old Mohave Games Studio
      Bitcoin Survival! An 1-bit graphics charming game made in 5 days for the 2018's Crypto Game Jam. It's a Roguelike Clicker Game in which you must mine bitcoins to buy and upgrade itens in order to survive as long as you can! All assets original made by me. Come play. And, please, share and rate. Any suggestions for the game are welcome too. (ALSO REPORT ME ANY BUGS FOUND)
      DEVLOG. V. 0.2
      - The game has been extensively polished. Many bugs have been fixed and many features have been added to the game. The difficulty has been balanced once again. Maybe I still have to update some things in the tutorial, but that's easy and I will be doing this in the next days. Hope you enjoy the game at this actual stage. It's almost like a new game.
      - It's mobile compatible!

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